Welcome to Abridged Madness. Edit

Welcome to The Abridged Verson of Spongebob And Friends Adventures, where if that series was abit to melodramatic for you, then fear not, I have brought forth a cure in the form of self-aware madness. This wiki has been inspired by the first time time we made an abridged lookback to the prior parts of the 4-parter Emperor Lu Kang. It's also so I can keep in touch with my inner comic to avoid stale humor, and/or just because I feel like making fun of my own series. I have been growing self-aware that it has indeed, suffered from turning into something of it's own beast then what I released it as. Now, don't worry, I am still gonna do work there, I just desided to help me feel better about my series evolving by making a DBZ KAI abridge show about it. Expect alot of nonsensical crud, dudes and dudettes. And know this, I am the creater of the original wiki and I'm basicly making fun of myself. But in a more serious note, this is basicly also a writing practice so I can avoid future mistakes of grammer, or just general infaverable writting. Enjoy. (P.S., try to mind the stock background, it's how the SAF wiki original started out.)

(More coming soon.)